101 S. Halagueno St., Carlsbad

The Halagueno Arts Park is in the heart of the ACD, as one of the district’s most valued and unique assets, the park provides event space, a place for public performance, public arts, and an aesthetically pleasing place to spend an afternoon. The Mayor’s Fine Arts Acquisition and Vetting Committee (FAAV) diligently seek out and obtain new art structures as well as maintain existing installations. It is one of the goals of the Pearl of the Pecos Arts & Culture District to develop community awareness as well as promotion and usage of the Halagueno Arts Park.
With winding paths, refreshing fountains and gorgeous artwork to enjoy, the Halagueno Arts Park is a beautiful respite area or the perfect venue for your next arts or cultural event. With two performance stages, the park welcomes patrons to stage concerts or other performance events. Please contact the Events Coordinator in City Hall to schedule, 575-887-1191. Electricity is available on a limited basis. No vehicles are allowed in the park.


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